School's out!

Or in? This brings back memories of those first days of school. I remember when I was very young, like this boy and balancing the folder, or in my day the Trapper Keeper along with my Peanuts lunchbox under my arm was quite a challenge. Not to mention those huge steps I had to climb to get on the bus.

Seems most kids these days use those backpacks on wheels, which just makes it seem as if they’re on their way to the airport for a weekend trip. Not to mention the horrible noise of cheap plastic wheels against pavement every morning that lets you know school’s in session. Supposedly good for reducing the stress on young shoulders, they just seem to be a bit short on fun in my book.  Fun in the sense of broken shoulder straps, or the gradual deterioration of the cheap plastic-covered cardboard that was our Transformer Trapper Keeper.