In Menorca, silver lining, street art style

I arrived in Menorca very early this morning and had to take a bus into the city of Mao in order to transfer to another bus to my final destination at the opposite end of the island, Ciutadella.
As luck would have it, the bus from the airport to Mao arrived at the station at 8.05. The bus from Mao to Cituadella left at 8.00 sharp. It was a Sunday. In August. Next bus at 10.30. Two and a half hours to roam a still-sleeping coastal city loaded with a suitcase. As I turned the corner in search of a bar, I found that one of the walls of the bust station was completely covered with some fantastic pieces. But a rather unfortunate fellow was sleeping off his Saturday on the bench below and didn’t look like he needed or wanted to be disturbed by my picture-taking. I’d have to wait until the return trip. But it was definitely worth the wait. Here’s just one of the pieces I managed to get. More to come.