Menorca, Day 2 Revenge

Virgin beaches near Son Saura, a 30 minute mini bus ride out of Ciutadella down back roads through dry clay-colored Balearic terrain. Crystal clear waters except for the occasional patch of uprooted seaweed. Too many boats spoil the horizon of the unspoilt beach. Temperature in the shade is 38ºC, just a tad over human body temp. I decided not to buy a cheap beach umbrella, so the only refuge is neck deep in the swimming pool clear, baby pool shallow (and warm) waters. The tide is quite gentle, except for the occasional wake of a tour boat or jet skier. I notice a small oil slick on the surface that smells of body lotion, a 40 SPF Deepwater Horizon. Some of the small fish that surround me cease to be cute when one bites me in the back, and another on my calf. For lunch I order cod with tomato sauce. For dinner, a plate of grilled sardines, just to be sure. Revenge is a dish best served after melon-mint gazpacho and a glass of chilled red wine.