Dream vacuum

When I originally found the image of this child playing, it was in a different spot and the child was alone, except for a few random tags and those hideous stickers advertising 24-hour locksmith service. I snapped the photo, of course, but for no reason in particular I kept on putting off posting him in the blog. All alone in a purple shadow with his toy motorbike, momentarily distracted by some unseen force, he was in serious danger of being forgotten, hopelessly buried among hundreds of images. Surely one of the youngest casualties of the cloud.
A week or two later, as I was frantically snapping away at one of those fantastic doorways in the Born that drive me crazy because every frame is teeming with stencils, stickers, tags all jockeying for space in my very limited viewfinder. In the midst of this delicious mess I spotted him again, equally distracted, his unmistakable yellow interior a bit brighter, more recent. It was the same boy who had been sucked into the cloud several days back. The same boy basking in the purple shadow, but with one important difference: where in the original image his distraction had been offscreen, out of the frame, or perhaps only visible to him, in this image, just over his shoulder he seems to be looking at something. A blue and red object (a red-faced, blue-maned lion?) sucking something from out of the sky. A dream that had strayed from someone napping in a nearby field? The woman in the moon? Another image that was lost in the cloud? And what about the boy? Is he scared or curious? If this lion’s got an appetite for distractions and dreamers, could his tender imagination be next on the menu?