Stolen kiss

This beauty is another piece from artist C215, who has recently sprinkled some of these little gifts round the city. The artist was quite generous with my neighborhood, the “Vila de Gràcia”. This image of two lovers in the midst of a kiss was found on the cover plate of an electrical box on Bonavista street, which leads from Gràcia to the busier boulevard Passeig de Gràcia, which leads directly to the heart of the city. I snapped this original photo about 3 weeks ago; after having passed by it with some friends late one night I hurried back the next morning to capture it before the first modifications appeared. I returned just a few days ago to check on its evolution and found that the entire plate had been removed from the utility box. Whether it was taken by someone who wanted it for the artwork or scrap metal I can’t say, but it was gone. Whenever I have doubts about what or why I’m doing this in the future, this incident will serve as a reminder. Street art is beautiful, transient and constantly appearing, evolving, disappearing and reappearing. The flipside of this is that it doesn’t last forever. But as a few politicans and many celebrities know, the internet is forever.