After-breakfast post, overexposed

I’ve been wanting to post this image for a while, but I just haven’t been able to find the right moment for it. Until today. I had been trying to watch a short film, but because this is my first pre-autumn in this living room, which is quite generously fed with sunlight, every scene was nothing but shadows drowned out by the mid morning glare. Something like this image. I think she was quite high up on an otherwise sparsely-decorated door, making the angle a bit awkward. And it was second week of August, just shy of 2 in the afternoon when the sun forces me down the metro and home. So at a poor angle and suffering from an impossible glare from the pre-lunch August sun when we non-tourists start packing up and heading for shadier pastures, I was able to get this one last shot. In the details she bleeds a bit, all white and such intense sun blotting out the finer points, but I still find her beatiful.
Not so much for my attempt at morning movie on the sofa. I moved to the kitchen for an extra helping of the flaky fan-shaped pastries which have been breakfast this week. My oldest and most devoted cat followed the crunching noises and was soon at his usual corner of the table, waiting for something to fall off the edge of my second breakfast. I tore off part of the sticky sugar-brushed edge and left it. He normally refuses to touch things I leave for him if I’m there, so I let him contemplate it and continue watching from the hall. The sun that ruined my movie has moved in on the table, rapidly overtaking the cat corner because I’ve left the balcony shutters open. The glare cuts short too the cat’s examination of the crumb and it’s knocked to the floor, swallowed without a crunch.