Whip it

I walked by this one about three times before I finally decided to take the picture. A monkey in a tweed jacket with ears set a bit too high. And a colorful layer-cake-shaped hat. Why would this monkey, who reminded me of the creepy, winged apes in one of the Wizard of Oz movies be wearing a rainbow wedding cake on his head? Mad Monkeys for Marriage Equality (MMME)? But then I remembered one of my favorite videos from the early MTV days, Devo’s song, Whip It. To a six-year old boy witnessing a revolution in the way we consume music, that video had it all: beer-drinking cowboys, a mannequin-like android model being slowly disrobed via the whip, a cross-eyed asian woman with a gun, and of course those famous hats that looked like plastic flowerpots. Once my family got its first VCR I was able to dub a copy of a friend’s dubbed copy of this video, and possibly a few episodes of The Young Ones, as that was also one of my favorite shows on MTV as well. It took a bit of mental digging, as a lot of my memories of entertainment from that time in my life have the same resolution as a third-generation bootleg VHS cassette, complete with constant tracking issues where I might have rewound and rewatched hundreds of times the same video.