C215, an exhibition in Barcelona

I read a week or two back in this article in Barcelona Metropolitan magazine about a solo exhibition of some work by French artist c215, who makes quite a few appearances on this blog. The exhibition is being held in the gallery section of a paint shop downtown. Although the exhibition was small, I think it was a good survey of c215’s work. One of my favorites was the huge painting that’s on the wall and visible from the front window of the gallery. I didn’t take any photos, as I feel a bit strange taking photos when visiting an art exhibition. I feel as if it could be disrespectful to the artist and his/her work. Yet on the street I have no problem snapping away. Am I alone in this?
The photo accompanying this post is not a part of the exhibition; it was found near the window of a bike shop right next to the gallery.

The c215 exhibition can be seen until 2 February at the Montana Gallery Barcelona, Comerç 6 BCN, http://www.montanagallerybarcelona.com