Face of the crisis

This image comes from Gràcia-based artist btoy, whose image of Amy Winehouse made an earlier appearance on this blog. There’s an excellent interview with her here. In fact, a lot of her work which I’ve seen around the streets of Barcelona are of famous actresses or important pop culture figures. In this case, I’m not exactly sure who this young woman is, or even if she is famous, but her face and gestures capture perfectly the way I, and probably many others, feel as I consume the endless stream of crisis-related (and driven) news and information. Curiously, as the crisis and recession wear on, I find myself strangely obsessed constantly checking my twitter feed as it vomits out percentages and figures on unemployment, sovereign borrowing costs and other economic “data”. While this young woman’s expression is certainly not a happy one, I wonder if I’m slowly becoming addicted to the anxiety this real-time crisis provokes.