Balloons (and bombs) away

The boy with the balloons comes from some pictures painted on the walls which surround the construction of Plaça Sanllehy. A quick google image search reveals why there are such high walls here, as I have no idea what lies at the bottom of this pit. Needless to say, the project has either been halted due to the crisis or is running dreafully behind schedule (or both), and this is provoking the ire of local residents. In addition to street protests and banners round the neighborhood, locals have taken it upon themselves to beautify the horrible concrete walls any way they can. I chose to snap this one not only for the colorful balloons, but also for the bomb that’s been added. These bombs can be found all over Barcelona, and I wonder how much time til this one sends a shower of rubbery shrapnel raining down upon this worried-looking face.