Clean-shaven Messiah

If I were to make a top five list of the ugliest pieces of street furniture, the grey electrical box would be near the top, if not number one. Ugly but necessary, as without them we would be faced with the unthinkable: a life offline and in the dark.
Dull, normally painted a flat grey or other neutral color, highly visible, easily accesible, they are the perfect urban canvas. A simple google image search will show that street artists in cities around the world have not missed the opportunity. Barcelona is no exception.
I found this image while circulating between overpriced bars in the Ciutat Vella, a slightly androgynous Jesus with a black halo, pink lipstick and weeping blood from one eye. The hand gesture seems typical to classic images of Jesus, but the pouty, clean-shaven,face and the crossed arms over bare chest make him seem more like a model in a perfume ad.