Girl in Green: Off for holidays...

I seem to remember using an image of a girl in a green fog to announce a previous out-of-town excursion, so I thought I’d keep things consistent with this recent find from sm172.
On to the holiday. This year’s destination is Amsterdam, my first visit in about 10 years; I think it was the winter of 2003, the weekend that Bush and Co. started dropping bombs on Iraq, or were making the case for war. I remember it clearly because the other leg of that trip was London, and I visited Hyde Park the day of the huge anti-war demonstration.
Amsterdam in winter was a bone-penetrating humid cold, and the eternally greyish sky went dark around 4 in the afternoon.
I also visited Amsterdam in summer, 12 years ago, early August, just over a month before 9/11. Marvellous sunny skies and an after-10 sunset. So I’m looking forward to a week off from the stifling mugginess that is August in Barcelona.
I will have my small portable computer with me and a new camera, so I will try to post any interesting gems I stumble across on the streets of the Dutch capital. Tot ziens!