Something's cooking...

When I was younger, like many kids, my best friend and I were inseparable, and together we managed to cause our mothers plenty of minor headaches. Generally our antics were quite audible, but there were other times were there was a lull in the action, off in a dark corner of the house, talking in hushed voices. Apparently, these were the most worrying times for my mother, “they must be cooking something up,” as she used to say. And she was always correct.
When I found this image from the Norwegian artist Stein, who has already made an appearance on this blog, I immediately thought back to my childhood. while the closest my friends and I got to street art was probably leaving donut-shaped tire marks in a department store parking lot, there was something in this image that brought back memories. I can only hope that this young boy and many like him can find a recipe for inspiration in the streetart cookbook. There are plenty of drab, bare streets on the urban landscape that could use some delicious re-imagining.