While browsing facebook back in July, I came across a few a few photos from a place called La Escocesa, which is a visual arts space that occupies an old factory building in the Sant Adrià de Besós zone of Barcelona. I sent them a message expressing my interest in snapping a few photos, and they invited me to come to their mural painting festival in late September. Due to work issues, I was only able to stop by on the final day of the festival, and just before 7 in the afternoon. As it’s late September, the light was beginning to dwindle by the time I had arrived, so I was frantically snapping away, not paying as much attention to the framing of the photos as I would have liked. In addition, many of the murals are of a much larger scale than the images I’m used to capturing on the Barcelona side streets, so it was often a struggle to fit everything I wanted into the frame. Nonetheless,  I did manage to get nearly 200 photos, which I consider a pretty good number in such a short time. Here in this entry you’ll find the best of what I was able to capture. I’ll definitely plan better for the next festival.