Over the last weeks on a few of my instagram feeds and the Barcelona urban art blogosphere, there have been rumblings about some new pieces by French artist c215 that had popped up in the Poble Sec district. As I have only passed through this neighborhood a few times, I knew I would need most of the morning, and I was right, While on my way, as often happens, I managed to discover two images of Amelia Earhart on a large wooden warehouse door. I eventually did find three of c215’s pieces, though I was only able to photograph two, as the third one was under some scaffolding where a man was stripping bits of paint and loose plaster from the side of a building. I decided not to risk a stray brick to the head and return another day. The pair of red eyes can be found on the concrete steps leading to the huge portrait of the old woman. As for what streets they can be found on, well, as another blogger noted (in Spanish): the search for these pieces cost me two afternoons, but that’s part of the fun. If you ever wanted a good illustration of why the journey is more important than the destination, just go out street art hunting one day.