This set of photos comes from a series of murals put up by residents of the Raval (known in Catalan as “Ravalencs”) in protest against the alleged police brutality case which resulted in the death of a man by the name of Juan Andrés Benítez in early October. So far, eight officers have been implicated in the case. Many people are skeptical of the fairness of the justice system in these cases as nearly all police who have been investigated in the flurry of excessive force cases have been let off the hook. Feeling powerless in the face of such impunity, residents have used art to vent their rage and frustration. The case is still open, though the officers are supposedly back on the job after a brief suspension. Footage of the incident filmed by neighbours is, to put it mildly, disturbing, and makes the famous Rodney King beating look quite mild in comparison. While I imagine this case will end like the many others before it, the internet and proliferation of phone cameras make it very difficult to cover up evidence.
The day I heard about these murals I raced down with my camera, as these types of murals generally don’t last very long.