As always happens when I make one of my morning downtown treks, I went looking for a few specific shots I had seen on various blogs and newsfeeds, and ended up with about 15-20 blog-worthy shots. I had initially gone out looking for new work by the artist Alice Pasquini and of course they came in bits and pieces, spread out around different surfaces in the labyrinth of the old city centre. I’m proud to say that even after nine years in Barcelona, I still frequently get completely lost within these winding streets, the sun blocked by hanging laundry, my path often dotted with puddles of water from the early-morning high-pressure hose crews, unmistakeable in their knee-high rubber boots and thick green aprons. To be lost among all of this, with the soundtrack of the beeping of delivery vans jolting into reverse and neighbours holding conversations out their open windows is a pleasure, albeit a brief one as I eventually come to a rambla (of the Raval or THE Rambles) or an iconic street like carrer Hospital or Ronda Sant Antoni. Maybe the fact that Barcelona is a city where someone can lose themselves so easily even after living in it so long is one of the reasons I still choose to stay. And of course, all the spectacular shots that I snap in my moments of disorientation simply add to the fun.