I had originally wanted to use my morning off to visit the CCCB, but decided to duck into a cafe beforehand to have a coffee. As I turned the corner behind the MACBA, I noticed this work, a reproduction of a mural which was originally painted by Keith Haring in 1989. This reporoduction was done with the cooperation of the MACBA, the Barcelona city hall and the Haring Estate, so doesn’t technically count as street art in the strict sense and I was debating whether there was a place for it in this blog. In the end I decided to include it for a few reasons. One, Haring was an absolute pioneer in the art of mural painting. Second, I think the message of this mural is quite important. Finally, the work itself is outdoors, and forms a part of the urban landscape. Taking all these factors into account, I’ve decided to post these photos. Here is a page with more information on the project.