2014-11-11 11.51.52
This pasteup of a group of older women confronting a policeman is up in a few places around Gràcia, and I suspect it’s related to recent demonstrations of support for the Banc Expropriat. I chose to post this particular version as it was well-placed, just below the high electrical tension warning sign.
Whether the message was a coincidence, tensions indeed are running high these days due to the recent November 9 vote in which 2 million people here in Catalonia defied the Spanish government and went ahead with an informal vote on their independence. The “double yes” enjoyed a resounding victory, much to the delight of many in Madrid.
There is also renewed tension springing from some residents’ disapproval of the presence of so many hostels and tourist accommodations in the village-like neighbourhood.
Whatever the source of the unease on the streets, the next year or so should prove quite interesting indeed and provide more than a few opportunities for artists to express themselves on the streets.