Fresh from my trip to the East Coast of the USA, I wanted to make a short run down to the centre of Barcelona to see if there was anything new on the downtown walls. I inadvertently chose the first day of “rebaixes” (Catalan for “sales), which also coincided with the final days before the 6th of January, the Epiphany, or better known here as King’s day, when the three kings, instead of Santa Claus bring children their most anticipated Christmas gifts. As a result, I spent  a bit less time wandering the unusually crowded streets than usual.

I was, however, able to find these three shots: the first one of what seems to be a child soldier framed within an Iphone, with a web address which leads to this website. The other image is of a woman who might be posing as a fashion model in a rather monstrous shade of green. Finally, the other is a colourful cartoon bird.