One of the drawbacks to living in a beautiful Mediterranean city nestled between mountain and sea is that we have a bit of a microclimate, which is, generally, quite mild most of the year. Having said that, summers in Barcelona can be quite stifling in terms of heat and humidity, and this past July was no exception.

Like many people in Europe, my home lacks air conditioning, and I spend most of these humid nights with every possible door open, waiting for a stray breeze. I have a small fan, but even at full capacity it can’t manage to cut through the 80 per cent humidity–at nearly 2 am. A result of all this is that I generally haven’t been sleeping as well, and one of the side effects that I suffer when I’m not fully rested, are floaters–those pesky spots that swim in and out of your field of vision all day long. Closing your eyes only makes them even clearer.

I thought of this when I found these two images, very similar, and about a month apart. I’m not sure if the spots were from the original artist, or later added, nor am I sure if this is actually the same location, but I feel like someone placed them there with me, or my sleep-deprived field of vision in mind.