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Doorway smoking, part 2

Across town from the Raval, just on the outskirts of the Born, I found this relatively recent piece from Alice Pasquini. Another doorway, another solitary smoker, but this one decidedly calmer and a perhaps a bit closer to the end of whatever it is she is toking. This picture is a departure from my normal entries, as I usually just catch the individual image and little bit of what surrounds it. Now that I’ve got a better camera, it seems it would be a shame not to capture as much of the scene as possible–isn’t the one-eyed alien hovering over the graffiti garden just as important as young girl enjoying her smoke?

In a doorway smoking

From artist C215, this image was found on a doorway near a workshop or garage of some sort just a the northern edge of the Raval. I’ve always been a fan of the color blue, so this one immediately caught my attention. It wasn’t until later that I noticed the phrase “It gives me a tingle” running down the side of the picture. The phrase most likely was placed there separately, though from my smoking days I do remember cloves and menthols inducing a rather creepy tingle. The cloves a tingle and numbness in the mouth and the menthols more of a deep respiratory tingle, neither of which are probably very good for longevity. It’s fitting that this image is found in a doorway, as most smokers nowadays have been condemned to standing in doorways. Though I quit nearly three years ago, I do miss the smoky little bars and cafes that were such an important part of the landscape here.