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Yesterday afternoon, I passed by the L’Abaceria Market just as the morning shift was wrapping up and was able to capture some of the finished products which were in progress when I stopped by on Sunday. I got into a short conversation with an old woman who was carrying a bag of carrots and artichokes. After a short discussion on which veggie stall had the best price/quality ratio, we got onto the topic of the shutter art. While she admitted to being no great fan of urban art, she did say that these new pieces were a definite improvement to the rusty shutters which had greeted us only a few days before. She also expressed her fear that these new pieces wouldn’t last long without being damaged. I tried to explain my “philosophy” on the impermanence and ever-evolving nature of urban art, and how, for better or worse, this is one of the things that attracts me to this art form. It might have been my limited language skills, but as she walked away she seemed both confused and unconvinced.

Face of the crisis

This image comes from Gràcia-based artist btoy, whose image of Amy Winehouse made an earlier appearance on this blog. There’s an excellent interview with her here. In fact, a lot of her work which I’ve seen around the streets of Barcelona are of famous actresses or important pop culture figures. In this case, I’m not exactly sure who this young woman is, or even if she is famous, but her face and gestures capture perfectly the way I, and probably many others, feel as I consume the endless stream of crisis-related (and driven) news and information. Curiously, as the crisis and recession wear on, I find myself strangely obsessed constantly checking my twitter feed as it vomits out percentages and figures on unemployment, sovereign borrowing costs and other economic “data”. While this young woman’s expression is certainly not a happy one, I wonder if I’m slowly becoming addicted to the anxiety this real-time crisis provokes.