While this entry’s images are not street art in the strict sense, I do think they deserve some attention. With all the hoopla over Halloween, it’s quite easy to forget another tradition from Mexico which I find infinitely more fascinating. This tradition is the Dia de los muertos, when the spirits of the departed return to enjoy some fine food and drink with those they’ve left behind. What we see in the pictures are the altars that are constructed to honor the dead relatives along with food and drink, as they’ve built up quite an appetite spending the year roaming the other side. These creations come to us courtesy of the Cantina Machito, one of a handful of great little Mexican restaurants on the carrer Torrijos here in Gràcia. I originally stumbled upon these altars coming home from work, when there were also some musicians serenading the terrace diners. The altars are already gone, but I look forward to seeing them again next year.