I found this work in progress during a light jog, just before dusk, through the Parc de Ciutadella, which is the closest you’ll find here to Central Park. Just slightly less central, and a lot closer to the beach. The project is a part of ongoing cultural installations commemmorating the tricentennial of the Siege of Barcelona during the War of Spanish Succession. This year is special not only because of the tricentennial, but also because of the escalating situation between the autonomous Catalan government (the Generalitat) and the Spanish central government over the issue of possible independence, which promises to come to a head in November, when pro-independence parties hope to hold a referendum on the question of Catalan independence. Although it’s the politicians and their newspapers and media that are talking the most, I’m sure the walls and doorways of Barcelona will have something to say as well. I’ll be sure to post whatever whispers and screams I encounter.
Here is a short video on the Ciutadella project.